A Pickup Coil refers to a sensor device. This sensor is composed of a transducer that changes output based on the magnetic field.

The Pulser Coil is an important component of the engine’s ignition system. The ignition of the vehicle is controlled by the Pulse generated from the Pulser Coil Sensors. The pickup coil/Timing coil is responsible for providing the timing signal to the ignition control box on modern motorcycles with solid-state ignition systems. The use of this system is for reliable, accurate and also low maintenance ignition control. It is also called a pulse coil / pulser coil because of its nature of work.

When the rotor spins, It enables a small mark to pass by the coil sensor. This, in turn, causes the sensor to activate a signal. The signal is transmitted to the ignition system which then determines the exact firing cycle.

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A defective pick up coil can cause the spark plugs to malfunction resulting in no spark or irregular spark. Defective or malfunctioning pick up coils can also cause starting problems in the vehicle and very low fuel efficiency.