Brake Shoe

The brake shoe consists of the lining which pasted to the aluminum casting or steel. The selection of the material depends on the application and use. The shoe moves and presses into the rotating drum when the brake is applied. Because the drum is fixed in the wheel, the friction stops the vehicle. The friction between lining and drum provides the braking effect. Due to the braking effect, the generated energy is dissipated as heat.

At Vachi industries we continually keep on adding products. As a result, the customers benefit from quality products at an affordable price. We have introduced a couple of new products in our basket. plug caps the green bush along with brake shoe for all 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers. We have tested our products in real-world conditions before launching to the customers

Every time you engage your vehicle’s brakes, you are causing minute amounts of wear and tear on your brake linings. Over time, this deterioration starts to add up as your brake pads become thinner and thinner, they will eventually get to the point where they should be replaced. Here are some signs to look for to know when to replace brake pads: Reduced brake response, Abnormal noises like Squealing or Screeching noises, Deep Metallic Grinding, and Growling

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Vehicle Type: Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers

Material: Aluminum / Steel

Position: Front, Rear

Type: C Shape Brake Shoes

Finishing: Short Blasting