An armature generally refers to one of the two principal electrical components of an electromechanical machine but it may also mean rotating part inside a motor.

It is that part of the rotating electrical machine on which winding is placed. And winding is the one that carries the load current.

It is the primary current-carrying part of an electrical machine. All rotating electric machines have two parts
1. The stator( stationary part)
2. The rotor (rotating part)
In the case of AC machines, the armature is on the stator. And in the case of DC machines, it is on the rotor.
In motors, the main supply is given to the armature. In the case of the generator, the primary EMF is induced in the armature.


First of all the Wiring in copper enhances electrical efficiency due to its higher electrical conductivity. The Armature has a continuous series of windings from each bar on the commutator. This winding loops around the iron stack teeth and connects to the next bar on the commutator. The winding continues to loop all the way around in the same manner. The Loops are designed for either single or parallel conductors. As a result, these loops might circle any number of times around the stack teeth turns in a coil

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