Flasher for 2 & 3 Wheelers

The indicator flasher unit does two things, one is switching the current from the battery to the bulbs and finally the other is a timing function to pulse the indicators on and off.


Fully solid-state type DC Flasher

Free from dust, water, physical shock.

Flash rate is consistent with performance.

Flashers available for 2 and 3 wheelers.

Basic Type :  10w +10w + 2w.

Heavy Duty Type : 21w +21w + 3w.

2 wheeler flasher
3 wheeler flasher

Latest-model vehicles use an electronic unit with no mechanical parts. Because of the electronic unit the reliability has increased. This unit measures the amount of current flowing to the turn signal bulbs. If the current draw is in the expected range, a solid-state timing mechanism and a transistor turn power on and off to the turn signal bulbs. The electronic unit generates an audible clicking sound that imitates the older mechanical units to remind the driver that the turn signals are operating.

There are generally 2 types of flashers and they are Solid State and Relay based. A solid-state flasher has no moving parts. There is a switching element inside a solid-state flasher. The switching element is a semiconductor power transistor. Above all the life and reliability of the unit are increased because of non-moving parts in the unit. But in case of the relay-based unit, the final switching element is an electromechanical relay