Become a Distributor / Business Partner

Vachi Industries wants to expand its business to achieve its true potential through Dealer Network. We believe that the Business Partner has a more effective distribution channel and local knowledge. This helps to provide better customer service and responsiveness to market needs.

The key to achieving growth in sales is having a strong and successful Distributor / Business Partner. Vachi Industries thus wants to engage in a growth-orientated relationship with dealer/distributor which will be mutually beneficial.

Distributor / Business Partner will be given assistance to achieve excellent service in boosting their sales and meeting their targets but non-performing Distributor / Business Partner will be withdrawn. Vachi Industries will provide an enabling environment and the framework to support a Distributor / Business Partner to grow SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES.

Selection Criteria:

Vachi Industries will continue to work with all existing Business Partners regardless of their size provided that sales targets are met. The process for the appointment of a new Distributor / Business Partner:

New Business Partner will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have the business expertise to manage a small business.
  • Sufficient administrative skills to manage stock and complete necessary documentation
  • The ability, drive and interpersonal skills to deliver high-performance service
  • Knowledge of its products
  • Agree to comply with Vachi Industries requirements for tracking and measuring sales and sales growth
  • Must meet all legal requirements
  • Have good financial standing and able to infuse capital when needed
  • Have a good office/warehouse set up

Legal Requirements

All Partners will be expected to sign a contract that presides over the relationship between Vachi Industries and the Partner.
It is expected that the Business Partner will at all times ensure that he, his employees and third-party agents will conduct themselves in a legally compliant manner. While all laws, legislation, and contracts are included here, particular reference must be made to certain rules and regulations that pertain to the particular state in which the Partner operates.

Training and Development

Our Partners and their staff will receive sales training on how to sell more to existing retailers, how to find new retailers and how to sell to new retailers.

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